Replace Vinyl Paper Menus to Make Your Restaurant More Friendly to Baby Boomers

Many restaurants have discovered that after the recession, their dining halls have been filled with people with ages ranging from 55 to 64, instead of the usual young adults they have been accustomed to. This huge shift has prompted many owners to change the overall look of their place to suit their new clients who’ll give their business a new lease in life. If you’re part of the restaurant industry, you should consider this too, and also work on the printing of your menu.
A restaurant menu creates a first impression of your place; and if you have torn, dirty, poorly printed menus, then you may have lost that chance to impress them even before they have taken their first bite or drink. Using vinyl paper for menus can work because these are durable and waterproof; there is now a more superior alternative–soft polyester, which a number of paper companies like Fusion Digital Paper can provide for you.


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